• Personal Scale Body Balance

  • Item #: LFH-63342

  • Brand: Soehnle, Germany  

  • Warranty: 1 Year

  • 1,885 THB

  • 2,690 THB

  • Quantity:


  • FIT & ACTIVE: Body analysis scales for fitness and hobby athletes
  • Determines body weight and measures body water, fat and muscle mass using Bio Impedance Multi-Frequency Measurement
  • Powerful and environmentally friendly: the digital body analysis scale ”Solar Fit“ works completely without batteries and is full of power down to the last detail. The extremely powerful solar technology guarantees reliable operation even under low light conditions – with artificial light as well as daylight. The sensitive scale determines not only weight but also body fat and body water content in precise 0.1 per cent increments. It is the first body analysis scale that can be used without hesitation even by persons with pacemakers! It displays measured values on the large LCD screen in easy-to-read digits. The integrated Soehnle 4 sensor technology is the basis for its high weighing precision to 100 gram precise. With excellent stability on the large platform made of safety glass, it offers a high load capacity for persons up to 150 kg. With its linear and simple elegance, “Solar Fit” is a true eye-catcher in any bathroom!
  • Works with daylight and artificial light
  • Environmentally friendly – no batteries required
  • Measures body weight, body fat and body water content
  • High load capacity (150 kg), graduation to 100 g precise
  • 1 year warranty on the sensor system. Except for problems caused by humidity and shock.


  • Material: Safety glass
  • Color: Black